2 Benefits Of Using LED Troffer Light Panels Over Fluorescent Lights In Your Clothing Store

If you own and operate a clothing store that currently uses fluorescent lighting, you may be looking for a better option that does not affect the colors of your products nor possibly adversely affect your workers' and customers' health. If so, consider the following benefits of using LED troffer light panels instead of fluorescent lights in your store.

1. LED Light Illuminates Clearer than Fluorescent 

One reason you may dislike your current fluorescent lighting is the way it makes everything in your store look. Not only does the off-colored glow of the light slightly change the hues in your products, but it can also affect your customers' decisions on whether they want to buy a particular shirt or dress because of the way it changes the appearance of the skin.

If you have ever looked in a mirror while standing under a fluorescent light, you may have noticed that your skin tone looks sallow and any of your imperfections are highlighted. If a customer is trying on an outfit with this type of lighting, they may subconsciously feel that the clothes are affecting their appearance. Then, they may end up walking out without buying anything. However, if you change to LED troffer lights, the glow from these fixtures are clearer then fluorescent lights. The colors under this type of lighting are truer, so your customers will have a better idea of what the clothes look like on both the hangers and themselves.

2. Ability to Dim the Lights

Depending on the time of day or the mood you wish to have in your store, sometimes you may want to adjust the lighting. For example, if you are having a Valentine's Day sale and want to get people in a romantic mood, you may wish you could dim the lights. However, with your current fluorescent lights, this is not possible. The only way you that you would be able to reduce the amount of lighting is to turn off or unscrew some of the bulbs, which would only result in uneven lighting in your store.

With LED troffer panels, however, you can have them wired to a dimmer switch. This then gives you the option to control the brightness of your store, allowing you to subtly change the mood. If you are tired of the old fluorescent lights in your store, you may be ready to learn more about your alternatives. Contact an energy and lighting business for more information about replacing your old panels with LED troffer lights.