Tips For Getting Power During A Blackout

Having a blackout that lasts for a long time right after buying a lot of groceries is a stressful situation to be in. You end up with spoiled food and wasted money due to the refrigerator not working from a lack of electricity. If you have ever been in such a situation and don't want it to happen again, consider preparing in advance. Purchase a few items that will give you access to electricity durig blackouts, as well as allow you to control which areas of your house recieves electricity. Follow the suggestions in this article to prepare before another out happens in your area:

Get Bright Flashlights

The first thing that you will need in a blackout is a fast source of light so you can see. Flashlights are the easiest things grab when the lights suddenly go off. Candles can be used as well, but you must take the time to ignite them and then risk starting a fire in your house. Purchase more than one flashlight that is bright enough to eliminate large areas. Place a flashlight in several of your rooms, and make sure they are stored in areas that are easy to access in the dark, such as cabinets or drawers.

Have a Generator Handy

The best way to quickly gain access to electricity during a blackout is via a generator. You won't have to wait for the local electric company to turn your lights back on if you have a generator. All you will have to do is plug the generator up and it will take care of your electrical needs. Just keep in mind that a generator might not power up your entire house if the wrong model is purchased. If you want electricity for your entire house, choose a generator that has a high amount of watts.

Make Use of an Electric Transfer Switch

You can actually get away with purchasing a generator that is only powerful enough to provide electricity to a few rooms if you get an electric transfer switch. The reason why is because the transfer switch will give you the ability to choose which areas of your house are powered up. You can choose to only power up the important rooms that you will use during the blackout, such as the kitchen and bathroom. The switch can be connected to the electrical panel in your house. You will then have to turn on the generator and connect it via a cord to the transfer switch to control which rooms are powered up during the blackout.  

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