Elastimold: Four Uses For Rubber Goods In Conjunction With Electricity

When you choose to buy Elastimold rubber goods, you already have an idea in mind for their use. You know that you will use them in conjunction with electricity and the production of energy, but what exactly does that mean in this particular industry? Here are four uses for these products as they relate to electricity.


Rubber is an excellent insulator for wires. It protects the wires against extreme cold as well as extreme heat. The energy coursing through the wires does not affect these particular rubber products, as it would with lesser quality rubber or standard rubber tubing.

Prevention of Energy Transference

Several bare wires that are close together in one space and unprotected may transfer their power and energy. This leads to some dangerous situations, including electrical fires when the wires are overloaded and current jumps back and forth between bare wires. The rubber goods used for electrical applications covers wires and prevents the transference of energy between and across wires. Rubber is a natural blocker of electricity, which is why so many electricians wear rubber gloves and rubber-soled shoes when they are working.

Covering the Handles of Safety Switches

Rubber on the handles of safety switches as well as rubber on electrical switches prevents current from zapping the person or persons who attempt to pull power switches or flip metal fuses. This is very useful when it is clear that a factory's electrical system is so overloaded that everything is shooting sparks everywhere and the whole of the factory needs an emergency shut-down. The person or persons who reach for these switches and fuses should not face electrocution from a bare metal pull switch or bare metal fuse.

Personal Protection Equipment

There is also a need for rubber goods that act as personal protection equipment. These items cover you from head to toe when you are heading into a highly dangerous area with extremely high voltage, such as an outdoor power station. Rubber protective clothing blocks some of the emitting rays of the electricity free-floating off of the power station's equipment. In a sense, these goods make you grounded so that you do not become a conductor for any of the power running loose through the air and/or ground. This is especially important if you are being elevated in a cherry picker bucket to repair some wiring or cables that have become loose or need to be replaced.

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